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Instagrams of Vallarta

As we have been getting everything ready to go to ensure that our future guests get the most out of their time staying at Mirador Markos, I set up my first non-personal Instagram account (@miradormarkos if you want to check it out).

When you start a new account, you get a chance to start all over again in terms of what other accounts you follow, and not surprisingly, the algorithms behind the scenes started suggesting local Vallarta and Banderas Bay accounts to follow.

Not surprisingly, there are some spectacular and intriguing Instagram accounts to follow, and I have learned about a lot of restaurants, attractions, and tour operators that will be great for us to check out personally, and possibly recommend to guests.

Until then, here are two accounts that we really like.

By the owner of a soon-to-launch food cart pod in the Zona Romántica, this account includes many great aerial and drone photos of Vallarta, focusing on the area right around the future location, which is just a couple of blocks from Oceana Vallarta, where Mirador Markos is located. We love it so much that I repost some of my favorites on our Instagra

Not a frequently posting account, this is the official IG of Vallarta Lifestyles magazine, and not surprisingly posts some striking professional photos from all around the Bay of Banderas.

This restaurant, located on a cliffside just a 25 minutes south of Vallarta, is something we found on Instagram first. Whoever is posting the content here repeats some of the same photos periodically, but come on, look how spectacular this place is. It's on our list to check out one one of our upcoming trips.



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